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HI my name is Brock: I am 11 years old and, what I am going to be talking about is Sports. The reason I choose this is because I love playing sports the teams that I play for are, football, Raiders, Baseball, At the Yard, Basketball i’am Trying out for school team. My family is some what big I have A sister two brothers and a niece and nephew I as well have a dad and mom to and  awesome grand parents.


The thing that made me want to do this was cause sports are my after school subject’s if I did not have sports!! I would be dead broad.Another thing s my dad played to he was a walk on  the University Tennessee for football but he did not give enough effort so he wants me and drake/brother to succeed. I have had a lot of experience for Sports I  will only be talking about football tho because football is my favorite sport.I will update you on and how my team does in the game.THANK YOU.

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