Giving The Credit

Activity 1: What I have learned is that when you use a picture offline then you have to give CREDIT so that you don’t you will get sued or go to jail. I have never done Copyright but I know that if don’t do it then you are good but if you add a picture from google then you have to give credit. What I am trying to say is don’t take the credit from people that worked hard on their work. You could also get sued for COPY WRITE which would not be so good for you and your parents. And you would also be in a bad position.

Activity 2:

The grass is green,

and the stadium is white.

No one is their to play football at day,

so no one is their watching.

Having some fun on the field,

they don’t know what to do.

The stadium is big and round,

surrounded by loud sounds.


Soldier Field stadium from aboveCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

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